The SEFI Journal of Engineering Education Advancement offers a route to share ideas, emerging research, experiences and innovations in the field. This peer-reviewed, open-access, online and archived journal is an official journal of SEFI, the European Society for Engineering Education.

The journal aims to support the advancement of engineering education. It welcomes exciting new innovations and ideas in a wide range of areas.

It is an official journal of the European Society for Engineering Education but with a global outlook. The journal recognises that innovation in engineering education is not constrained by borders and while some papers may have a specific European context, we welcome high quality manuscripts on exciting developments internationally.

The journal is primarily focused on learning and teaching of engineering in higher education, though in the widest sense. In addition to papers on higher education practice and approaches, high quality work of interest to the engineering education community are also of interest, such as those addressing engineering practice, lifelong learning, non-traditional entry routes and graduate outcomes.