Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines

This page sets out to support authors interested in sharing their latest work with us.

Please read the instructions below carefully. We very much look forward to receiving your contribution!

Journal Scope

The SEFI Journal of Engineering Education Advancement welcomes appropriate submissions of innovations in practices, approaches, or ideas within the field, which will appeal and be useful to practitioners as well as researchers. To contribute to the advancement of engineering education, the work submitted must always be novel and original. In addition, it should be deemed relevant and applicable, stimulating, tested and suitably scholarly.

• Novel means that the journal is looking for manuscripts that makes a new contribution to the field. This may take the form of a traditional research paper, but highly innovative but transferable case studies, lesson or assessment approaches, student support methodologies are also welcome.

• Original means that the work may not be published elsewhere by the authors or others. Manuscripts based on previously published work require significant further development. 

• Relevant and applicable means that papers should be interesting and useful to the readership. We are aiming in particular to attract as readers and authors those engineering academics involved in the day to day activities of teaching and learning within engineering. The Papers submitted should therefore typically support practitioners in enhancing their own practices in education in a directly practical way and by informing the underlying approaches. Authors are encouraged to supplement useful material such as teaching resources, schemes and instruments.

• Stimulating refers to the contribution to the field. Contributions demonstrate solid reflection, critical engagement, and awareness of the work and ideas of others.

• Tested and suitably scholarly means that papers must demonstrate awareness of the field and the work presented must be suitably tested and critically reviewed by the authors. 

Selection Criteria

Papers will be peer-reviewed by at least two reviewers and will be judged against the criteria outlined in the scope. The reviewers will be drawn from a community encompassing both engineering education researchers and practitioners to ensure that both practical innovation and relevance together with adequate fundamental research underpinnings are applied.

Open Access Terms and Distribution Rights

All papers published in this journal will be open and free access.

A Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license will be applied to all work. This license enables reusers to copy and distribute the material in any medium or format in unadapted form only, for noncommercial purposes only, and only so long as attribution is given to the creator.

Preparing Your Paper & Paper Format

Please set your manuscript in this template to support appropriate formatting.

Integrity and Ethics

Authors must maintain a high degree of ethics and integrity in relation to the work presented for review. This includes :

  • Confirmation of the originality of the work presented and where building on previous studies by self or others shows clear advances beyond those previously published.
  • That all authors listed on the paper contributed in a meaningful way to the paper.
  • That all research was conducted ethically and that ethical approval was gained from the lead researcher institutions ethics committee for the work, particularly where this involves the use of students or student data.
  • That financial or in-kind support for the work is declared and any conflicts of interest are disclosed.

Document Processing Fee

Following successful acceptance of the final manuscript a fee of €450 will be payable prior to publication.

Ready to Submit?

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We really look forward to seeing what you want to share!